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We have been working on creating our own film trailers, our idea was about a singer called Lola Rose being approached by a mystery cult offering to make her wildest dreams come true.
When we first discussed the idea it was really good we had a plan we all knew what we was doing and what roles we would play whilst creating the trailer. Unfortunately not all things go according to plan I had been ill which resulted in me having to take time off, there was also another member of the team who was also ill which made things extremely hard on the communication front.
Whilst being off my team then continued to planning the trailer, the group decided to assign me director which was hard for someone who was ill and could not attend college. I communicated with my group via Facebook which helped us to still be able to discuss what we was going to be doing. Autumn had arranged to get some of the actors to help us with our trailer but the actors had become unreliable and kept letting us down on the day of filming.
This was becoming a serious issue because it was coming to the last week of filming and we did not have one single piece of footage.
I manage to get my pictures done and edit my poster and DVD cover using Photoshop, I kept both of them simple as I didn’t want to over edit them. The pictures on both have Izzy,Kieron,Raice and Cameron in, the problem with this is that in my actual film trailer the only person from the DVD cover and poster that remains in the trailer is Raice. This is definitely a weakness to my product because I am advertising actors that are not actually in the film, this is obviously false advertisement.
The annoying thing is I am actually really pleased with the outcome of my poster and DVD cover and if only it had the actors we used in the final trailer I would be very pleased the only other thing I personally feel is a downfall is that they both do look a bit to similar to twilight.

When returning back to college after becoming ill and as being placed with role of director I had to get my group back on track and focused on what we needed to do. We decided to use our own group as the actors which mean we did have to sacrifice things like sound operator and we all had to pull together on continuity.  I had to think quick when it came to filming as we was so pushed for time and not having the actors this impacted the story line a little as we would need to drop one character,Danny.
Danny was meant to play Lola’s best friend but as the actors were not available we didn’t have enough group members to continue with that. We kept the story the same and the other actors the same but swapped Cameron for Brooke as he had to work on his own trailer with his group.
Thankfully we managed to get some good shots together with the little time we had and was able to still give an idea of what the concept of the story is via the trailer. Over this whole process I have learnt a lot about team work and adapting to situations that you are not prepared for. When working within a group it is vital to keep communicating even if one team member is absent as I felt the group wasn’t pulling together as well as it should have been.  Although I am aware of the director role I still found it quite pressuring that after coming back and being ill I was having to take complete control over what was going on, with our trailer as my group had gone into a state of panic even with the pressures of this we still managed to pull together and get a reasonably good trailer considering the amount of time we had to do it.

My trailer itself I am pleased with considering the last-minute filming and thinking off the top of our heads. It could definitely be better with more time and preparation, some of the shots could have been taken better for example the fast shots off Autumn at the lift running from one of the guys could have been sharper and when we look over autumns shoulder the second time it does become rather blurred.
I wanted to get some fast paced shots together to show the exciting parts of the film this would keep the audience interested and to get the adrenaline rushing as when creating a thriller type film trailer it’s all about getting that high level of anticipation and uncertainty which will keep the audience interested.  I attempted to do this I personally feel I didn’t do to bad but I feel I could have polished it up to be smoother and faster but as mentioned before I managed to do best I could with the little time I had to edit.

With the poster I like the way it has that professional feel to it, I really like the title and font which I have kept on both poster and DVD to keep the product the same.
The credits at the bottom of the poster look rather professional and have used the same font you would see on a professional film trailer.
The DVD cover I think is good because I really like the image used with the shadow black background around them and the title sitting just under. When you look at the DVD cover you are automatically drawn to the pictures of the actors and the title.

After speaking to my fellow peers the overall comments on my film trailer was quite good everyone understood what was going on, liked the way it speeds up during the exciting parts and thought the camera angles we had shot were good.
I received some great constructive criticism which funnily enough everything that was picked up I had already thought where the areas to be improved, from some people I was advised my trailer was a bit jittery sometimes and rather slow. The audio had been pin pointed out as some parts the audio was still quite quiet and parts where the music was to loud, these where the only factors brought up about my trailer other than that my pears advised they liked it.
DVD and Poster was both a success in my pears eyes as they liked how the products were similar to each other, the only downfall was it had a twilight feel which I had mentioned before and others have picked up on this. I like twilight so I am happy about that comment but obviously I wouldn’t like my products to be similar to somebody else’s.
With my DVD cover I had been trying for ages to wrap my text around the photo on the back but unfortunately as I had used Photoshop to create my DVD cover I couldn’t then go to InDesign to word wrap. This caused an issue for me as I didn’t want to just place the text on top of the picture and it look tacky, unfortunately after trying ample times I couldn’t get the text to wrap round the photograph so I lowered the picture and put the text higher.
When creating my DVD cover and Poster I used Photoshop with both and got my font from DaFont.com, I used final cut pro to edit my film trailer and also got to add in text, a starting image of the Warner Bros skit and added music which was all something new for me. I even added transitions to clips which I had not done in previous work e.g my glee edit and guess the student.

When I first started my assignment we had to analyse a DVD cover, poster and film trailer comparing the front of my DVD cover to the one I analysed and felt there was not really much difference obviously the Photoshop work is neater and clearer than mine with similar information and layout on the front. The back of my DVD the only thing I am not happy about is the writing and how it is placed which I feel personally lets the DVD cover down.
The poster was my favorite I was happy with the outcome of the poster and managed to get all the information on the poster without it looking to cluttered. The poster I analysed ‘The Bodyguard’ was rather plain with not a lot of writing the main focus of the poster is the picture but the editing is good considering this is an old film and technology is different now.
My poster has the picture in the middle and would be where your eyes directed you first I think the picture could have been better as Izzy and Raice the lighting is good on them where as Cameron is a little darker and fades more into the back ground. My film trailer I feel could have been tidied up especially around the faster paced clips,I used a song called Immortal Technique- Dance With The Devil for my film trailer music I felt the name reflected well with the story line as well as the film genre being a thriller the music was quite freaky and I felt it added an edge to the trailer. Comparing my trailer to a the film trailer I originally analysed you can see where I need improvements with the flow of shots and that, I am obviously not up to professional standards but I am pleased with my outcome and think its the best piece of editing I’ve done all year. After playing back my trailer the next day I found there were lines appearing when cross fading to the next shot which means that I have not deinterlaced my video when I exported it.